Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Toni Rakestraw


A pencil portrait of that precious moment when baby drifts off to dreamland after filling up on milk. The look of contentment always touched my heart.


This came into being when I knew I wanted to create something special, but I wasn't sure just what it would be. I have seen many photos of this type, with the mother's hands forming a heart over the growing baby and that morning it seemed just perfect. I know that in all of my pregnancies, the feeling of baby moving and growing was treasured. I miss it now. This image seemed to reflect all that I felt when carrying my babies safely within. This is painted in acrylic on watercolor paper and was finished in about two hours.

Toni Rakestraw has been drawing most of her life, but didn't start taking it seriously until 2005. She prefers working with graphite or acrylic at this time, but loves to dabble with other mediums and styles when she has time. Her inspiration are her eight wonderful children, who remind her every day of how they changed her life for the better. Toni is a homebirth advocate and she and her husband run Organic Birth (http://organic-birth.com), both the website and the magazine. She writes for a living, but is trying to devote more time to her art. Commissions are accepted occasionally.

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